You’ll Never Know You had a Good Thing Til it’s Gone

I’ve always thought that I’ve been battling alone, that I don’t have someone who I can cry to. True, I haven’t cried in front of anyone before. Well maybe except during retreat camps or recollection events, I could cry a whole bucket of tears but crying when you’re truly and deeply sad is different. The feeling is so real and sometimes it feels like you could cry your whole life.

I had a friend whom I met when I was in my 1st year high school. Back then when I met him, he was just one of the boys in my class, one of the boys whom I can talk to, and one of the boys whom I thought I’d just forget someday. Now, my thought of him is different. He’s not just any other boy, but he was a best friend. I didn’t realize it until now that he has gone and moved away to another country.

We became really close friends during high school. He was my group project buddy when I was in 2nd year high school and that was the first time when I had developed my friendship with him. When I reached 3rd year high school, he was my student council buddy, we often ditch meetings mainly because we didn’t want to attend to any meeting anyway. We won the elections but when we were officially labeled as student council officers, together we ditch meetings and attend to our respective plans for the day. We were classmates when we were in 4th year high school and that was the time when I officially labeled him as my best friend because it was then that I realized that we were close and I was comfortable with him. We didn’t spend much time together on that year.

“You’ll never know you had a good thing til it’s gone.”

I spent most of my first year college life with him. We were often mistaken as lovers even though we’re not. I shared things to him even though he doesn’t share much to me. It was during this time that I realized that he was really my best friend and I couldn’t ask for more. He was the person I was with during our orientation day and he was the person I was with during the first day of school. He had always been my seatmate and cheatmate ever since. He was also my knight in the shadows (because I still had a lover and he was the one whom I saw as my knight in shining armor) and he was the one who would always make sure I was feeling comfortable in every way. I’ve realized all of these things because he has already gone away.

True friends don’t need to be there for you everyday but once you need them, and you need them really badly, they will be there. Most of the time we won’t notice them, because we’re all busy looking at other things. Just like me, all I thought about was my lover and I failed to appreciate the presence of my best friend. Now that he has gone, I can’t seem to put myself back together easily. He was always there when I needed to blurt out my emotions and now, I have to deal it with myself alone. I learned that true friends won’t need to tell you that they’re true to you because all of their actions and sacrifices for you will show that they do care for you, even if in turn you care less about them.

“Appreciate what you have before it becomes what you had.”

Never forget to appreciate the people around you, especially those who treat you more than you think you deserve. Never forget to appreciate your family and your friends, because one day they will be gone and by then you’ll regret not giving time for them. Love them, treat them well, give back to them what they gave to you, because time will continually keep on flowing and it can never be stopped. We would never know when we would last see someone, a friend, or a family member, so while they’re there, appreciate them and be there for them. One day you’ll look back and realize that all you did was worth it, and you won’t be living your entire life with regrets. It’s never too late to start appreciating people, do it while you can, and as you live. Always remember, “You’ll never know you had a good thing til it’s gone.”


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