Worth the Wait, Worth the Fight and Worth the Sacrifice

“I can’t believe that I’m the fool again, I thought this love would never end, how was I to know? You never told me.” – Fool Again, Westlife

Everyone is unique in his/her own way. We all have our own perspectives and perspective is one of the reasons why we are all entirely different from one another. Let’s take for an instance, two people who are in a relationship, one might think that the relationship is worth fighting for and the other might think that relationship is pointless and would eventually lead to nowhere.

That is exactly the type of relationship I had with the man I loved. In the 3 years that I was madly and deeply in love with him, I really thought that he was the one and that we would overcome all the trials that would come our way in our relationship. I promised myself to never give up, to keep on fighting for us even if I’m not really sure if the relationship is worth fighting for. I was so determined, so passionate about us that I was willing to cross oceans for our love, that I was willing to sacrifice anything just to make him stay beside me. Unfortunately, I realized that I was the only one who thinks that way. All he thought was he was going to enjoy his relationship with me, and that he has already known that he was going to leave me someday.

I really did sacrifice my dream just to make a lot of vibrant memories with him. If I chose my dream over him, I wouldn’t even have spent a second with him. I would have no time to even think of him. But I loved him deeply, that’s why I chose him over my dream. I regretted doing that, but I also can’t deny that the moments I got in return of the sacrifice were moments I cherished, I loved and I will forever treasure.

Sometimes we can’t really determine whether a battle is worth fighting for, or if a person is worth the sacrifices for, because for the first few moments everything will be great; everything will be wonderful that it would seem like it would never end. If the wonderful times don’t end, then keep on fighting. That’s the kind of battle you should never give up on because rarely does it happen that battles become really, really worth it in the end. However, if the wonderful times do end, and they end for good, don’t worry, having downfalls is a part of life. One thing’s for sure, you learned something in the process right? Don’t ever let go of what you learn, because sometimes that’s the power up we get, our future weapons in our future battles.

Always remember to take care of yourself before everything else, you might be breaking yourself down to pieces while making another person whole. A person who gives you up even though you’ve fought and sacrificed things for him/her, is a person who doesn’t deserve you. A person who deserves you will notice your efforts and reciprocate them. The person who deserves you won’t let you fight alone, he/she will be fighting alongside with you. The person who deserves you may not have the same exact perspective as you, but you will both share the same heart. The person who deserves you will be worth the wait, the fight, and the sacrifice.


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