Accept and Move Forward

“There’s always going to be that one person we’ll never stop loving even if the world shows us all the million reasons to stop doing so.”

This is a fact I’ve learned from my experience. The first time this thought crossed my mind, I didn’t believe it was real. But I was young then, I guess that’s enough of an excuse to not believe in something so concrete, something so real.

When I got my heart broken, I would constantly remind myself; “I’d be over all of these love feelings this soon.”, “All this love will fade away.” or “Someday I’ll look back and I won’t feel the love I had for him anymore.” but I realized that it was a mistake I kept on repeating over and over again. The moment I’ve accepted the fact that I will never ever stop loving him, that was when I realized that all the constant reminders I kept on telling myself was a mistake. At the same moment, did I realize that acceptance is the number one key to successfully moving on. I’ve accepted the fact that I will never stop loving him, and also the fact that despite having this love inside my heart, I can still go on.

“Once you start loving someone, you’ll never stop loving them. There’s always going to be a piece of them in your heart, and no matter how hard you try to break it, to erase it or to completely remove it from your life, it can never be taken away. Memories will forever stay, and that’s something you have to carry with you every second, every minute, every hour of every day.”

When we fall in love, we all become a different person. We either consciously or unconsciously change for the person we love. Either way, we end up different from who we were before. Being in a relationship is such a serious thing for it changes who we are, and once we change, it will be really really hard to go back to the way we were before. Before I fell in love, I never did care about love and being in love at all. My friends were all having boyfriends and crushes and I didn’t care about anything related to it at all. I never thought I’d fall in love. But when I did, it changed me to a whole different level.

I’m filled with memories I couldn’t forget, and filled with regrets I couldn’t do anything about. What if I was a better girlfriend before? Would it change things? Would we still be together now? What if I decided to turn down my feelings for him the moment I first fell in love with him? Would I still be a happy person now? Would my heart be broken right now? All these thoughts run through my head every time I think about us and how unfortunate our relationship’s ending was. But one thing’s for sure, I get all these thoughts because I love him, I still have feelings for him, and if I could do anything to get us back together, I know I would do it, but if he sincerely decides that he’s better off without me, then all I have to do is accept it.

I’ve learned to accept that I can never stop loving him even if I did my best. But along with this acceptance, I know where I stand. God set me free from a miserable life, and so I will stay free and move forward. It’s either I take the first step, or I don’t, but I believe there are some greater things that I can achieve in life, so now I can finally say, “I’m moving forward.”

“It’s still possible to love someone even if you’re not in love with them anymore.” – Unknown


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