Fear of Falling in Love Again

It has been 4 months and I thought I was already fine. There are days when I get really okay with what happened but there are also times when I get so down and I can’t seem to grab hold of myself, the next thing I know I’m weeping again. What should I do? I’ve been doing my best for the past few months, but it doesn’t really help. I want to be okay again, I want to be happy again, but sometimes the memories keep on dragging me back. I brush them off my mind but the next thing I know I’m thinking of them again. I’m so tired with everything, literally. But sometimes I really can’t help but want to go back even though I’m so tired with it already. I pity myself so much right now, but I can’t do anything to change my situation.

Bad breakups change people.

I don’t want to lose self-love and I really hope I don’t lose it completely. But with each passing minute I feel like I’m slowly losing the love I have for myself. I’ve never been through such a bad breakup before. This is the first heartbreak, and I hope it’s going to be the last. Is it really possible to forget someone who gave you so much to remember? With what I’ve experienced lately, I can say that I’ve got the fear of falling in love, all I can feel right now is that I don’t want to fall in love with anyone ever again.


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