Missing Someone

“I miss you like the sun misses the moon in the morning, and like the moon misses the sun at night.”

Have you ever had that feeling when you’re missing someone so much, that every minute of every hour of every day you have the urge to contact them? You always feel like calling them, texting them or any of the like, but at the end of your train of thoughts comes the fact that you can’t talk to them anymore because you’ve finally decided to cut off the ties you had with each other.

I miss someone right now, and I miss him badly. Whenever I see couples along the hallway of our university, I can see the former “us” in them. We used to be that way; holding hands, staying close to each other and just laughing together. Seeing it every day, makes me miss him badly too. “Can we go back to being that way again?” or “Is there a chance that we’ll be like that again?” are the questions that are tirelessly running inside my mind. I still keep on asking the questions, when I already know that the answer is a painful “No”.

“Missing someone who once meant the world to you is normal.”

That’s what they always say, and I believe it’s true. It’s kind of the same feeling you get when you have a tooth removed by the dentist, for the first few days your tongue will keep on going to that spot where the tooth was removed and then after how many days you get used to the fact that it’s gone and you won’t keep on looking for it anymore. However, we cannot compare a tooth to a person. Because once a tooth is gone, it’s gone permanently, but when you lose someone through breakups, you don’t lose the person permanently. There’s still a chance that you will see him/her every day, and that will cause the feeling of missing someone, again.

It’s okay to miss someone, because missing someone is pretty normal. But when you aren’t able to pay attention to yourself, your health, your happiness and such, then your type of missing someone isn’t normal anymore. For the past few weeks that’s what happened to me, I almost lost myself.

Always remember that missing someone is like being in a relationship, there are 2 people involved. The one who’s being missed, and the one who is missing the other one, that’s you.

“I don’t know when I lost my mind
Maybe it was every time
That you said, you said, you said
That I miss you.” – Miss you, Ed Sheeran


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