You Will When You Believe

“It’s easy to give in to your fears.”

Fear is something very common to everyone. May it be the richest man on the planet, or the most successful person alive. Fear is something that would always be there, and it is also something that will cause someone to not let go of something they should leave behind.

I can attest to this fact. Why? It is because fear was one of the reasons I couldn’t let go of my past love, my first love. I thought I couldn’t find somebody new, or be happy again, but here I am, finally on the stage of letting go but still happy. I may not be that happy that I once was, but I know I’m almost there.

I cannot say that I finally have nothing to fear, because reality check: fear is still here with me. However, there’s one thing I’ve learned; DO NOT GIVE IN TO FEAR . I am not godly enough to eradicate all my fears in my life permanently, but I have the strength, the choice and the decision to fight my fears. Fighting your fears doesn’t guarantee you that your fear will be gone permanently, but for every moment you fight your fear, you become stronger. Your fear will always be there, but you just won’t feel it during the moment.

I’ve always been afraid to move on, or to let go of my past love. I was afraid that if I finally cut off our ties and be off without each other, I won’t be able to find happiness again. I was afraid to see him with somebody else. I was afraid that if the day comes that he wants me back, I won’t be there. I was simply afraid of the fact that we were finally going to erase all the feelings we once had for each other. But as the days passed and lessons learned, I realized that I shouldn’t be holding on to something that constantly pains me, or breaks me. Sometimes its better to let go of something you’ve never thought of letting go, not because he told you to, but because you know you need to.

Never give in to your fears, fight them at all costs. Fears are your hindrances to happiness, it clouds your vision to what is truly right or better. Just because you fear of being alone, you don’t let go of the person who has long gone. Be strong enough and face your fear. You will not be alone. Always hope for better things to come. There are still so many chapters in your life that you are yet to discover. Keep your hopes up for that.

“Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill.” – When You Believe, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston


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